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Operations & Maintenance

Our O&M e-Learning is a comprehensive resource of more than 372 courses devoted to Fundamentals, Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), Maintenance, and Operations. Our courses provide oil and gas organizations with the resources to develop and cross train their operators and maintenance technicians in the essentials, including production, gas process operations, processing and refining, and transportation and distribution. The courses ensure employees understand the relevant theories, plant processes, equipment, and component operations that are necessary to drive efficiencies, promote safety, and achieve operational excellence.

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Accordion Content

Math & Science


O&M Fundamentals

Operations Fundamentals
Drawings and Diagrams
Power and Steam Systems
Process Control


Environmental Protection
Hazardous Waste Operations
Refinery Operations
Water Treatment


Chemical Safety


Quality Schemes


Introduction to Safety
Electrical Safety
Fire Protection
Forklift Safety
Laboratory Safety
Materials Handling and Storage
Personal Protection Equipment
Workplace Safety


Gears, Equipment Drive Components and Shaft Alignment
Hydraulic Systems
Lubrication and Bearings
Pipes, Piping and Auxiliaries
Pumps and Seals
Other Mechanical Activities


Electrical Components
Electrical Generation and Storage
Electrical Theory
Electrical Wiring
Transformers, Breakers and Switches

Instrumentation & Control

Actuator, Valve, and Motor Controllers
Distributed Control Systems
Field Device Configuration
Human-Machine Interface and Plant Protection Systems
Measurement Devices
Process Control
Programmable Logic Controllers
Variable Speed Drives

Function-Specific Process Operations

Power Plant Operation
Refining Process Technologies
Laboratory Operations
Analytical Chemistry Operations

Gas Treatment and Processing

Gas Operations Fundamentals
Introduction to Gas Processing
Condensate Separation
Gas Compression
Gas Treatment (removal of CO2 & H2S)
Gas Dehydration
Gas Processing (separation of NGLs)
Gas and NGL Sampling, Metering and Transfer

Oil & Gas Process Operations

Basic and Heavy Lifting
Heat Exchangers
Refrigeration System
Storage Tank Operations
Turbines and Steam Systems
Other Systems and Equipment

Learning Pathways

IHRDC’s Pathways enable learners to progress in their training from foundational industry knowledge, to generalized functional training, and finally to industry segment-specific learning. By following these plans, learners can achieve the required level of competency to better perform their jobs.

Corporate Licensing Options

IHRDC provides clients with two licensing options for accessing our e-Learning courses: Registered User License and Course-Based License. The Registered User License allows access to either IHRDC’s entire e-Learning suite of courses on an enterprise level or a specified number of e-Learning course titles for a specified number of registered users within an organization. The Course-Based License allows access to e-Learning course titles and is open to any number of employees within an organization. Licensees may elect to access courses through the IHRDC Learning Platform | CMS or on their own Learning Management System (LMS).

Registered User License

  • All-inclusive
  • Ideal for new hire training
  • Option to license all IHRDC e-Learning course libraries
  • License fee based on total number of registered users
    granted access to a specific group of courses

Course-Based License

  • Available to an unlimited number of employees
  • Flexibility to meet multiple learning and development
  • Pay only for courses launched

Development and Support

IHRDC is continually creating new course content, updating existing products, and implementing new technology in order to stay at the forefront of the e-Learning industry. Our technical support team provides global coverage to answer functional and technical questions promptly for our user community.

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