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Athena Microlearning—
Learning when you need it.

In today’s fast-paced, multitasking world, we all want to gather the information we need as quickly as possible. To successfully reach today’s employees, a company’s learning strategy must offer targeted right-sized nuggets of information when and where your employees need and want it.

With IHRDC’s Athena Microlearning, you can strengthen your training program and enhance learner retention and engagement. With brief learning that is accessible at any time from any device, it’s easy to use, drives job performance, and enables your workforce to retain more knowledge. Our Athena Microlearning is well suited for anyone who needs just-in-time access to learning snippets covering Upstream Technology, the Oil & Gas Business value chain, and Operations & Maintenance that includes HSE.

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Tap into our expansive
microlearning content​

We currently offer more than 6,500 nuggets of learning that continue to grow and evolve with your needs. Each unit requires no more than 5-7 minutes to complete and features engaging content and graphics, and knowledge checks with constructive feedback.

Delivering the quality content
you expect from IHRDC

Our Athena Microlearning offers the next-generation learning you require. We have adapted the content to bring you everything you need from our suite of popular e-Learning resources.

Build Competencies with Upstream Petroleum Technology

Strengthen the overall competencies of your Exploration and Production technical staff with Athena Microlearning’s Upstream Petroleum Technology content derived from our flagship IPIMS learning resource. Our extensive content covers each of the following areas to give your E&P professional what they need to succeed:

  Petroleum Geology

  Petroleum Geophysics

  Production Equipment Operations

  Drilling Engineering

  Production Facilities Design

  Well Completion and Simulation

  Reservoir Engineering

  Offshore Operations

  Formation Evaluation


Gain knowledge of the Oil & Gas Business in quick snippets

IHRDC’s Athena Microlearning offers our same valuable Petroleum Online learning content in small bites. It covers all of the technical, commercial, and market aspects of the oil and gas value chains:

  Oil & Gas Industry Overview

              Host Country Agreements
              Petroleum Exploration
              Drilling and Well Completions
              Oilfield Development and Production
              Crude Marketing and Trading

              Transportation and Storage
              Gas Processing, LNG and Markets
              Refining and Petrochemicals

              Marketing & Distribution of Products

Reach operational excellence with our O&M learning

Athena Microlearning includes content from our comprehensive Operations and Maintenance series that offers your operators and technician the skills and knowledge to effectively operate and maintain facilities:

  O&M Fundamentals

  Math & Science


              Instrumentation & Control

              Analytical Chemistry Operations
              Gas Treatment and Processing
              Oil & Gas Process Operations
              Laboratory Operations
              Power Plant Operation
              Refining Process Technologies

Introduction to IHRDC’s Athena MicroLearning

Watch Our Webinar!

Delivering short, 5- to 8-minute learning sessions with rich nuggets of content, Athena Microlearning offers on-demand access and a responsive design on any device. Watch this webinar to see how this offering drives job performance and enables your employees to learn, retain, and apply knowledge.

Athena Microlearning Licensing

Personal License are available for $180.00 for a 12-month term. This form of license is personal to the individual licensee, cannot be shared with others, and requires that the licensee acknowledge and accept the standard Terms and Conditions. Simply add it to your Shopping Cart.

Organizational Licenses are available at discounted Licenses Fees based on the number of Personal Licenses and license term. For a quotation or further information please complete the form at https://marketing.ihrdc.com/athena-organization-license-request