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CMS Online | IHRDC's Learning Platform

CMS Online, IHRDC’s industry-leading, and integrated competency management, assessment, learning, and reporting software, incorporates the entire process into one system. This on-line solution encompasses all our data from building competency models, employee, supervisor, and qualified assessor analysis, individual learning plans, and training results. It provides a single, integrated solution for all of our learning products.

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A comprehensive assessment and development solution

CMS Online provides every user with the tools required to manage their competency development and compliance activities. This system tracks assessments, course completions, reassessments, and compliance status on a variety of levels—from the individual to a group of employees in a job area or the entire company. Our software can stand-alone or seamlessly integrate with existing learning management or human resource systems. CMS Online’s many features include:

  Integrated competency database

  Multi-language capability

  Mobile app and responsive design

  Cloud-based or on-premise

  HRIS and LMS data interfaces

  Embedded business intelligence

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Objective Assessments

Our configurable, three-step competency assessment process ensures employee assessments are fair, unbiased, and accurate.

Targeted Learning Plans

Mentors, employees, and supervisors can create learning plans to close competency gaps and address individual and company-wide learning needs.

Career Progression 

Employees can explore their job progression and see how their competencies fit with future roles. 

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Succession Planning

An organization’s leadership can ensure the strongest candidates are selected for promotion, to retain and motivate top talent.

Talent Intelligence

Our comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools provide greater clarity of your organization’s strengths, so you can create and sustain your competitive edge.

Competency Authoring

You get a full-scale competency authoring solution to manage your database, build competency roles, link learning resources.

Learning Curriculum

Training managers can create customized, blended learning curricula within CMS Online for a wide rangeof use cases including onboarding new hires, training newly promoted supervisors,or conducting site induction training. IHRDC can provide standard learning plans to jump-start 

your learning.

Compliance Training

With CMS Online’s Mandatory Training module,companies can ensure they meet government orcorporate-wide regulations. This includestracking the status of each employee’s compliance requirements and the training needed to achieve 

that compliance.

Our fully integrated learning solution

CMS Online | IHRDC’s Learning Platform integrates all our learning solutions into a single, easy-to-navigate learning and development solution. Whether you are using our platform to manage your competency and compliance needs or you simply need to drive learning within your company, this innovative software provides a single solution to access our learning products based on your distinct needs. 

Want to see how IHRDC’s Learning Solutions are integrated into our CMS Online offering? Click on the images below to watch a short video showing the integration of CMS Online with each learning solution.

For more details about
e-Learning Solutions click here

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Athena Microlearning click here

Updates and support to meet client needs

IHRDC provides quarterly feature releases and monthly patch releases that are guided by client needs and the long-term vision of CMS Online as an integrated learning tool. Also, we offer best-in-class customer support using the Zendesk customer service support system to track and manage issues. Visit the respective links below to learn more about our software functionality and technical specifications, and to see the latest information on the platform.

IHRDC Competency Management Resources​

CMS Online Software

Our industry-leading software manages the entire competency assessment and development process with integrated learning content. See how CMS Online can enhance your workforce competence.

Competency Library

IHRDC’s competency database is the broadest library available in the industry. By licensing our content, you can quickly establish your own competency framework based on an international benchmark.

Consulting Services

Our competency specialists have successfully managed projects in more than 30 countries worldwide. Learn more about how our team can help you achieve your business objectives.

Use Cases


The amount a major IOC was fined by U.S. regulators because they didn’t have a compliance system in place. By implementing CMS Online, they avoided further fines because they had the proper tools and system in place to address the issue.


A Nigerian national was assessed at a 10% level of competency at the start of the program. Within 18 months, they improved to 87% competence because they had a road map to follow.


There are more than 50,000 active CMS Online software users in 24 countries around the word.

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Corporate Licensing and Fees

IHRDC’s competency management resources and services may be contracted using our Master Agreement, which covers our software, content licenses, and consulting services. While we use a license agreement to retain the copyright to the source materials, we offer our clients full use of the resources to meet their specific needs through annual or perpetual licenses.

CMS Online Software

Our industry-leading software is licensed by a wide range of clients with an expansive spectrum of users. We provide two licensing methods, both with an underlying license fee based on the number of users.

Annual License, Managed Service Solution (SaaS)

With our most popular option, we provide an annual license, updates, support, and hosting from our AWS servers—all for one annual fee.

Perpetual License, Client Hosted Solution

For those who prefer to host the application locally or on their infrastructure, we offer a perpetual license option with annual support and maintenance contracts.

Competency Library

IHRDC’s competency database is the broadest library available in the industry. Typically, we use a perpetual license for competency content, including our competency database and job profiles.

With this license, clients use the data in perpetuity within their organization, and it allows IHRDC to retain the underlying copyright to the source material. With this agreement, clients own any modifications to the base content. Competency Library fees are determined by the number of models or size of the database the client licenses.

Consulting Services

Our competency specialists have successfully managed projects in more than 30 countries worldwide, working in a range of settings and providing a variety of services. While many of the goals are similar, each project is unique.

For our engagements, we estimate the amount of time required from IHRDC staff and charges based on standard day rates. Our service fees increase with the amount of time required by our staff – although we do offer daily rate discounts for larger engagements. For those clients who are willing to take on more work, the IHRDC workload may be minimized.