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Professional Affiliations

IHRDC has established important affiliations with leading oil and gas organizations using a combination of our competency resources including our CMS Online software and Competency Content. We built industry-approved job competency models and provide our CMS Online software to two leading professional societies to offer to their members. Among our affiliations, IHRDC has received OPITO approval for our internal Competency Assurance System. We are also an official Scottish Qualifications Authority Approved Centre using our competency management process and offer oil and gas vocational qualification as well as provide training and qualifications for Workplace Assessors and Internal Verifiers. IHRDC clients benefit in many ways from our professional affiliations.

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Through our strategic relationship with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), IHRDC built a free online service for SPE’s more than 149,000 members to help them manage their professional development. SPE is the largest professional society for petroleum engineers in the industry. IHRDC developed a series of competency models covering engineering, geosciences, project management and health, safety and environmental disciplines. The models set an industry-standard benchmark that can be used by individuals or organizations and represent the key technical knowledge and skills necessary to perform specific oil and gas industry jobs. Clients may license the SPE competency models from IHRDC, combined with CMS Online to create an internal competency management system.

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

IHRDC partnered with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) to introduce the SEG Competency Management System, a customized version of our CMS Online software. It comprises 10 competency models focused on early career geophysical professionals. SEG is the industry’s premier organization for geophysics professionals. This not-for-profit organization supports 24,000 members from 126 countries. The SEG Competency Management System enables SEG members to assess their current skills and choose SEG training and development resources – including e-Learning – to drive their professional development. Clients may license the SEG competency models from IHRDC, combined with CMS Online to create an internal competency management system.