Troubleshooting Software and Networks

The PLCs: Troubleshooting Software and Networks training program, or unit, is designed to familiarize trainees with how to use PLC programming software to isolate software and network problems. After completing this program, the trainees should be able to go on-line to connect to a PLC network and be able to identify and describe the major parts of the PLC memory and some memory protection options. They should be able to explain how to diagnose timer, counter, and sequencer problems and how to use PLC indicators, processor status information, TND and SUS instructions, Custom Data Monitors, and histograms to troubleshoot software problems. They should also be able to explain how to use processor indicators and communications software to isolate network problems, how to isolate network media problems, how to find and fix a network configuration problem, and how to connect to a PLC across a network and then troubleshoot a problem.



Duration: 2 hours