Upstream Gas Business Fundamentals with a Challenging Learning Simulation Game

This program is an abbreviated version of IHRDC’s very popular international gas business workshop. It emphasizes the commercial, technical, financial and market aspects of upstream gas project development from host country agreement to exploration, reserves estimation and field development. The simulation game scenario takes place in one of three possible regions: Atlantic Basin, East Africa or Asia. Weekly learning includes three hours of e-Learning, one hour online with an IHRDC virtual mentor, who discusses the weekly assignment and introduces the gas business simulation session for that week.

Additional information

Program Type



Full Program (Individual), Full Program (Team)


January 24 to March 11, 2022, April 25 to June 10, 2022



Subject Area

Gas Business

Target Audience

Technical, commercial, and operations personnel who seek an in-depth understanding of the Upstream Sector of the gas industry: technology, economics, project development process, markets and how they relate to the broader industry.


3-4 hours self-study and 1 hour online virtual mentored session per week for six continuous weeks.

Learning Formats

e-Learning self-study, individual or team participation in a competitive simulation game with a virtual mentor.

e-Learning Solutions  Mentored Sessions Learning Simulator

Simulation Scenario

Individuals/teams explore, develop and produce a challenging gas exploration opportunity through 20 years of production. Best performing team wins the Team Prize.

Program Content


Upstream Oil and Gas Agreements

Project Cash Flow Analysis

Week One

Gas Measurements, Gas Industry Structure and Pricing

Introduction to Simulation Scenario; Study the Impact of PSC Fiscal Terms and Commit to an Exploration Work program

Week Two

Petroleum Geology and the Exploration Process

Design and Interpret Seismic Surveys; Identify Prospects

Week Three

Drilling and Well Completions

Drill Exploration and Appraisal Wells; Characterize the Reservoir

Week Four

Estimate Gas Resources and Reserves

Calculate Contingent Gas Resources Using Deterministic and Probabilistic Techniques; Establish Commercial Viability

Week Five

Gas Field Design and Development

Field Development Planning; Design Well Placement and Surface Production Facilities

Week Six

Mentor Summary of Gas Simulation Game Results