Dr. Charles Brankman

Dr. Charles Brankman is a professional geologist and project developer who has been actively involved in a range of activities in the energy business, including E&P, engineering geologic consulting for the gas transmission and power generation sectors, and CO2 enhanced oil recovery. After receiving a B.S. in geological engineering from Princeton University, Dr. Brankman earned an M.S. in structural geology from Stanford University. During his studies, he spent time at Mobil Oil Company in exploration and reservoir characterization. After Stanford, he worked in northern California as an engineering geologist on projects related to the siting of gas pipelines and power plants. He then pursued a Ph.D. in structural geology and earth resources at Harvard University, during which he taught several undergraduate courses and received several teaching awards. After receiving his degree from Harvard, he cofounded and served as Vice President of Geosciences at C12 Energy, a company focused on CO2 oil recovery projects using anthropogenic CO2.