International LNG Business Management Certificate Program

Companies planning to import LNG may wish to schedule this workshop as a follow-up to week one of the International LNG Business Management Certificate Program, which focuses on the business essentials of exporting LNG by introducing participants to the LNG business and the development of an LNG export facility. This additional 5-day LNG Receiving Terminal Business Fundamentals Workshop focuses on the business concerns of the importer. The learning format consists of lectures by LNG specialists, and a business game that simulates the business opportunities facing the owner of a proposed LNG receiving terminal. in a hypothetical country that has a growing need for natural gas. The session begins with an analysis of LNG receiving terminal design options and the capital and operating costs of each option. The country or regional market demand will be analyzed to identify major market sectors, load factors, infrastructure needs, and strategic investment options to reach new markets and the pricing of alternative fuels. This analysis leads to market demand profi les and cost to deliver gas into various markets. Subsequently, the focus will turn to LNG supply and the options available to purchase or otherwise obtain supplies of LNG. This session also includes the negotiation of SPA agreements with suppliers.

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Program Type

Instructional Format

This intensive program has a lecture and workshop format. Through an innovative workshop and simulation game, participants, working in teams, make the real-life decisions that confront managers in the management LNG receiving terminals.

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit managers, government officials, and specialists in one or more functional areas of the international energy industry who seek a comprehensive understanding of the liquefied natural gas sector of the international gas industry. It is an ideal supplement to IHRDCs gas industry foundation program: The International Gas Business Management Certificate Program, which many participants refer to as the best program in the industry today.


  • John B. (Jack) King, MBA
  • Gregg Landes, MBA
  • Erhan Aslan, PhD

Program Content

Lecture Sessions

Gas Market Analysis and Pricing

Managing Gas Market Swings: UGS Load Balancing

Managing Gas Market Swings: LNG Load Balancing

LNG Import Terminal Design Options

LNG Supply Options: FLNG

LNG Contract Supply Options:

Managing LNG Import Operations

LNG Receiving Terminal Operations


LNG Receiving Terminal Business Game: Stanpak

This compelling business simulation game is integrated throughout the program. Participants work in teams with experienced mentors to prepare a plan for one or more LNG import terminals to meet a growing market for natural gas. Teams compete with each other and are evaluated on their financial performance over a 20-year period of simulated performance.

Stanpak is a republic in South Asia that has a growing need for natural gas. Teams will consider LNG terminal options and analyze the countrys growing market demand and their ability to expand the infrastructure to reach wider markets. With this background, teams will analyze market options and negotiate LNG purchase agreements as an essential part of making an integrated project decision.

The workshop sessions inlcude:

  • Introduction to the Stanpak Business Game
  • Estimate Future Gas Market Demand
  • Analyze Gas Supply and UGS Load Balancing Options
  • Analyze Gas Supply and the Use of LNG Facilities to Support Load Balancing Needs
  • Specify One or More LNG Import Terminal Plan(s)
  • Analyze LNG Supply Option Using Floating LNG Facility and Transportation
  • Specify LNG Purchase Plan
  • Specify Integrated Development Plan
  • Review Operating Results after 5 Years
  • Prepare and Deliver Final Performance Presentation