Effective Business Communications Workshop

Todays professionals must have strong business communication skills in order to meet the myriad challenges of their day to day work. They are confronted daily with the need to communicate clearly, effectively and efficiently in both written and oral forms. This highly experiential workshop is designed to help participants become more polished, confident and effective in their written and oral communication. In terms of presentations, participants will learn to represent themselves more effectively in todays highly competitive business climate. Through delivering presentations, they will receive coaching in the practical tools necessary to create dynamic, professional presentations, organizing their content for maximum impact, interacting effectively with visual aids and creating a stronger connection with the audience so people will retain their message. In terms of writing, participants will learn to get important points across quickly in their business writing, examining how best to target readers, select and organize information, use clear language and be strategic in how to fix common errors and achieve a stronger business tone. The innovative writing techniques and practical tools can be applied to job-related memos, email, letters, proposals, and reports. In sum, this business communication workshop will give participants easy to apply tools and strategies that they can implement immediately, resulting in stronger, more polished, and more effective business communication.

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Program Type

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for managers and administrators seeking to improve their business communication skills. It is also for any professionals who anticipate facing new communication challenges due to a recent promotion, company restructuring or reorganization, or interfacing with new stakeholder groups.

Instructional Format

The learning format consists of short lectures, group discussions, practical demonstrations, and video-taped examples from contemporary business professionals. Participants will then apply the learnings through presentations and assignments that are designed to reinforce the workshops learning objectives. Through these highly experiential activities and assignments, and a supportive learning environment, participants will receive coaching and constructive feedback from their peers and the instructor to address their individual needs and concerns.

Program Location and Schedule

This program will begin on Monday morning at 7:30 AM and end mid-day on the last day. Daily sessions will start at 8:30 AM and run until 5:00 PM. Participants will receive further information on location and schedule upon registration.

Lecture Content

  • Developing a more efficient and effective writing process
  • How to prepare for public speaking: projecting ease and confidence
  • How to overcome public speaking anxiety
  • Editing strategically to maximize your impact and achieve a stronger business tone
  • Persuasive memos and proposals that disarm hot buttons and get buy-in
  • Giving bad news: how to deliver razor-sharp messages that make even bad news good
  • The psychology of listening: Strategies and techniques to help your audience retain your message and do what you say
  • How to convert a good story into a motivational presentation
  • Demystifying how persuasive presentations operate: The five most common persuasive presentation structures
  • Four key steps in how to manage any question and answer session
  • How to diffuse hostile questions
  • How to maximize your use of visual aids


The workshop consists of short lectures, discussions, practical demonstrations, and application through individual and group presentations and writing assignments. Participants will review what business communication is, and how it differs from other types of communication. Participants will practice techniques that lay the foundation for strong presentation skills, and for more efficient and effective writing processes, including how to be strategic in editing. Once this foundation is established, we will explore different types of writing — emails, memos, proposals, reports with actual assignments so as to provide participants with immediate and individualized feedback. Participants will review and deliver three different types of presentations –informational, persuasive, and motivational. Each presentation will be video-taped so as to provide individual coaching and to review participants progress from presentation to presentation. Finally, in reviewing elements common to all types of presentations, participants will learn how to integrate visual aids effectively into their presentations, and participants will review how to handle any Q/A situation with ease and confidence, including hostile questions. In sum, the workshop will give the participants new and innovative tools and approaches that can be applied immediately to make them more efficient and effective in their business communication.