Strategic Leadership Course

Because the strategic plan defines the “roadmap” for an organization over a five to 10-year horizon, knowing how to build and implement one is a must skill for an effective manager. In this two-day workshop, you will learn how to use the widely used resource-based strategic planning process by applying it to the newly formed international affiliate of a national oil company. Working in teams, you will identify the organizations mission and vision statements, review and understand the drivers for organizational development, including such factors as changing trends, competition, new technologies, business focus, expanding or contracting resources, and changes in the marketplace. You will learn how to develop the strategic plan by applying this process to this practical application and then we will introduce the Balanced Scorecard process, so you will learn how to successfully implement such a plan. You will leave this workshop ready to apply your newly developed knowhow to your own organization.

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Full Program (Individual), Full Program (Team)