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Petroleum Online is a comprehensive series of 13 e-Learning courses that provide an in-depth introduction to the commercial and technical aspects of the Oil & Gas Business value chain. From the industry overview through upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, it is conveniently accessible on the web and makes learning more enjoyable. The series features engaging videos to introduce key concepts, animations that helps bring the content to life, along with review questions and challenging assessments to improve learning. This series is suitable for a broad range of individuals—from entry-level personnel to board members—who are seeking a more expansive perspective of the industry.
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Corporate Licensing Options

IHRDC provides clients with two licensing options for accessing our e-Learning courses: Registered User License and Course-Based License. The Registered User License allows access to either IHRDC’s entire e-Learning suite of courses on an enterprise level or a specified number of e-Learning course titles for a specified number of registered users within an organization. The Course-Based License allows access to e-Learning course titles and is open to any number of employees within an organization. Licensees may elect to access courses through the IHRDC Learning Platform | CMS or on their own Learning Management System (LMS).

Registered User License

  • All-inclusive
  • Ideal for new hire training
  • Option to license all IHRDC e-Learning course libraries
  • License fee based on total number of registered users
    granted access to a specific group of courses

Course-Based License

  • Available to an unlimited number of employees
  • Flexibility to meet multiple learning and development
  • Pay only for courses launched

Development and Support

IHRDC is continually creating new course content, updating existing products, and implementing new technology in order to stay at the forefront of the e-Learning industry. Our technical support team provides global coverage to answer functional and technical questions promptly for our user community.

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