Supply Chain Essentials

This course provides an essential understanding of the fundamentals of the supply and processing of oil. Delegates will learn how refineries view and value various crude oils and how the ‘gross product worth’ within the refinery contributes to establishing the market value and choice of crude oils available in the international market place. They will learn how choice of crude affects the resultant product quality from the refinery and how the complexity of the processing hardware impacts on refinery margins. This two day course will provide a valuable lead-in to the International Oil Trading and Price Risk Management offering.

Exercises and extensive debriefs will supplement the presentation material and will allow delegates to improve their understanding of the processing system and the logistics and challenges of scheduling activities.

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June 22 – 24, 2022


Who Should Attend

This course will benefit both those currently involved in the downstream marketing and supply trading undertakings and those that are in associated and support functions to these core marketing functions.

Lecture Sessions

Crude Oil

  • Types of crude oil
  • Evaluation of crude oils
  • Crude oil markets
  • Crude oil pricing

Oil Refining

  • Distillation and reforming
  • Treating and conversion
  • Cracking
  • Refinery economics and optimization
  • Blending
  • Refinery margins


  • Scheduling oil supply

Oil Products

  • Refined product quality and specifications
  • Value of quality
  • Downstream Marketing


  • Processing deals