Strategic Planning for Emerging Leaders

IHRDC’s Strategic Planning for Emerging Leaders Program is the continuation of the “Emerging Leaders – I” course. This program offers individuals on a leadership track the opportunity to apply the leadership skills discussed in Emerging Leaders – I with the additional management skills needed to plan, develop and implement successful Strategic Plans. Participants will focus on the need for strategic thinking to establish medium and long-term goals for successful organizations. The program structure is composed of weekly mentor presentations and an integrated case study where the Strategic Planning tools are applied under the guidance of the program mentor along with group discussions with your fellow participants.

The other leadership skills that will be mentioned and applied during the program include strategic thinking, decision making, problem solving, influencing, effective communication, motivation and achievement.

“Strategic Thinking, Planning, and Execution for Emerging Leaders”

Additional information

Program Type



Full Program (Individual), Full Program (Team)


February 28 to April 1, 2022, May 30 to July 1, 2022



Subject Area


Program Content

  • Identifying the Corporate Vision, Mission, Resources and Strategy
  • Determining Your Competitive Advantages
  • Developing the Strategic Plan
  • Implementation and Performance Management
  • Program Review, Team Presentations, and Wrap Up with the Mentor

Target Audience

Energy industry managers, supervisors and key employees from broad functional areas, such as administration, operations, finance, technology and project development who are targeted for or aspire to become leaders and wish to gain a solid foundation in leadership skills and their application with a focus on the oil and gas Industry.


3 hours self-study and 2-hour online virtual mentored session per week for four continuous weeks.

Program Content

Week One

Identifying the Organizational Vision, Mission, Resources and Strategy

The first week of the program covers the fundamental elements of Strategic Planning for an organization and the key leadership skill of strategic thinking.

A Vision Statement defines your desired future state (ambitious aspirations) and provides direction for where you are going as an organization. The Mission Statement sets out your corporate values and what your organization stands for. Corporate resources include financial, personnel, tangible and intangible property that can be used to achieve strategic objectives.

Week Two

Determining Your Competitive Advantages

The core strategic issues can be organizational problems, opportunities, market shifts, or other challenges that keeps you awake at night striving for a solution or decision. Competitive Advantage of an organization describes the individual or organizational characteristics that offer special advantages to satisfy your customers needs or to respond to a novel opportunity.

We will learn to perform a competitive analysis as we assess the opportunities and threats relative to the organizational environment.
This will allow you to understand what your competitors are or are not offering to your existing and/or potential customers.

Week Three

Developing the Strategic Plan

This session focuses on how a leader translates the strategic objectives and into specific performance targets and implementation plans. Practical strategic plans need to have clear statements of what, when, how, and who will complete each task of the plan, and incorporate measurable achievement metrics. Moving from big ideas to action happens when the strategy is converted from the organizational level to teams and department tasks that lead to the achievement of organization-wide goals.

Week Four

Strategic Plan: Implementation and Performance Management

Implementation is the process that turns strategies and plans into actions to accomplish strategic objectives and goals. We will cover techniques on how to track goals and actions using the Balanced Scorecard. Reporting on measurements of performance is critical to stay on target and keep everyone focused. We will jointly discuss how to lead a strategic plan from a document on the shelf to actionable plan that employees can associate with.

Week Five

Program Review, Team Presentations, and Wrap Up with the Mentor