Senior Management Leadership Mentoring Engagement

This program consists of a training/consultation engagement for your senior management team that will enhance their leadership skills, in dealing succesfully with their immediate challenges as well as strengthening their capacity to lead their organizations far into the future. This experience yields individual and group insights, competencies building and team commitments to synergize the talents and energies of the senior team to achieve a consensus action plan. These transformations are achieved by combining initial consultations with robust 360 assessments feedback, experiential exercises, highly leveraged leadership/management conceptual models, focused group conversations, action planning, and post session monitoring and followup.

Additional information

Program Type

Program Content and Process

The program consists of four specific activities:

Preliminary Communications In Advance

Teleconference sessions to identify the scope of the teams activities, key organizational measures, logistical planning, and distribution of 360 assessments.

Individual Interviews Face-to-Face

Meet with team members prior to the group meetings to gain background on strategic objectives and corporate culture.

Leadership Group Workshop

Session in which team members meet with Robert Ryan as a group to reach consensus and alignment on an Action Plan that will stimulate leadership and promote enhanced performance.

Coaching/ Reinforcement Sessions On-Site or Teleconference

Coaching conversations will take place 1, 3 and 6 months afterwards either on-site or through teleconferences to monitor progress and recommend strategies to achieve enhanced performance and fulfillment of the Action Plan.

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit senior management who seek to enhance their leadership skills.


  • Robert F. Ryan