After completing this course, the user will be able to: identify sedimentary rocks and processes from such information as outcrops, core reports, well logs and cuttings, describe sedimentary and diagenetic processes, define depositional environments and facies architecture within the context of basin analysis, describe the role of petrographic studies, such as XRD, SEM and thin-section analysis in sedimentology, and use core and outcrop data to define lithofacies and depositional environments in terms of composition, texture, geometry and sedimentary structure. The learner will also be able to: use core data and well logs to construct lithostratigraphic columns, infer depositional environments and build geologic cross-sections, and review facies trends and extrapolate them to a regional scale. Use sedimentological interpretations as a basis for building facies and net-to gross sand maps.

Code: IHRDC_IPIMS_a480


Duration: 8 hours