Oil Products Marketing

In this three-day interactive workshop, participants apply a proven toolkit on real data from a dynamic retail fuels case study. Cases and group exercises add to the development of essential strategic marketing insights as the basis for timely decisions and actions. Participants gain an understanding of how to apply the highly effective marketing planning tools to foster sustainable performance improvements in their roles. The program adds value to the entire range of oil products marketing processes by providing participants with best-practice marketing theory and management approaches commonly applied to both domestic and international oil products markets.

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Program Type

Key Benefits

  • Provides a proven, practical marketing toolkit that professional oil products marketers need to be fully effective in their various roles. This toolkit can be applied to all oil product and market segments
  • Participants learn to use the toolkit on real market data in an interactive case study and group exercises throughout the program to increase the learning value
  • The skills gained can be applied immediately upon return to the workplace to help improve company performance and results
  • The interactive workshop format allows participants to learn from others experiences
  • This program has been rated by previous participants as highly useful and relevant to their work

Who Should Attend

This program will be beneficial to anyone involved in marketing activities of downstream oil products to customers who need a professional understanding of the underlying marketing principles, techniques, and processes. Typically, this would include those in international and national oil companies, independent oil products retailers, distributors and resellers, support services providers (logistics, technical, commercial, and legal), as well as international and national regulatory organizations.

Instructional Format

This program uses a carefully designed, practical, and interactive workshop format for learning. The program incorporates a mix of group discussions, lectures, interactive case studies, and syndicate exercises designed to apply the concepts and techniques to real oil products market data and situations, enhancing the value of individual learning outcomes.

Program Content

Marketing Fundamentals

  • Working definition of marketing
  • The oil products marketing environment
  • Products and services as benefits

Customer and Buyer Behavior

  • Models of customer / buyer behavior and decision making
  • Understanding the key elements of the buying process

The Marketing Mix as a Decision Framework

  • Defining and using the marketing mix
  • The marketing mix for services
  • How to apply the marketing mix to oil products and services

Review of Principal Oil Products

  • Cut of the barrel and key physical characteristics

Oil Products Pricing

  • International and domestic oil pricing
  • Import and export parity pricing
  • Review of basic financial tools relevant to oil pricing decisions

Oil Supply and Distribution

  • Basics of the oil products supply and value chains
  • Logistics mix for oil products
  • Supply chain economics

B2B and B2C in Oil Product Markets

  • Class of product and market grid
  • Channels of trade

Marketing Communications

  • Principal communications mix with customers
  • Advertising and media effectiveness
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Margins and Margin Management

  • Review of relevant financial fundamentals
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Decision making at the margin

Developing Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • How to develop winning customer value propositions (CVPs)
  • Branding and brand positioning
  • Porters 5 Force Model and Competitive Strategies

Key Techniques for Marketing Planning

  • (Introduced Progressively)
  • Market segmentation for oil products
  • Essential planning toolkit
  • The 10 steps of strategic marketing planning
  • How to develop a performance scorecard with supporting key performance indicators (KPIs)

Oil Products Marketing Organization

  • Effective organizational design
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Future trends for oil products marketing