Exploration Process

Learn the technical and management steps that are followed to move an exploration opportunity from play to a prospect by applying a series of progressively expensive data collection steps beginning with aerial or satellite imaging, then gravity and magnetic surveys, seismic surveys, exploration and appraisal well drilling, reservoir characterization, resources estimation and economic analysis. Upon complication of this module, the learner will be able to: learn the progressively more expansive data collection and analysis steps that are applied to an exploration opportunity from the negotiation of a host country agreement to the request for funds to move to Field Development Planning, learn how the exploration process involves making decisions to acquire data under conditions of uncertainty (value of information), learn how exploration and appraisal wells are located to delineate a prospect, learn how resources are estimated using the SPE system under conditions of uncertainty, generate prospect economics based on estimated reserves and project economic indicator, and learn how to assess geological risk.

Code: IHRDC_IPIMS_a725


Duration: 8 hours