E&P Project Development Workshop

This workshop teaches the commercial, technical, economic, and project management processes used by today’s Exploration and Production (E&P) specialists, as they explore and develop a challenging deepwater offshore field. It covers all aspects of a petroleum upstream project including concession terms, seismic program design and analysis, exploration drilling decisions, well and reservoir performance, field development planning covering resource estimation, uncertainty management, and project economics within the confines of the classical upstream project decision-making process. This program is ideal for technical and commercial specialists who wish to learn the integrated project management approach to developing major E&P projects.

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Program Type

Who Should Attend

This program is ideal for commercial and technology specialists who seek a practical understanding of the processes required to explore for and develop a challenging exploration prospects through field development and production.

Instructional Format

In this program, learning takes place in a lecture and mentor facilitated workshop environment where teams of participants methodically manage the exploration and development decisions of a deepwater offshore prospect in West Africa. During the business game, teams make sequential decisions to move the prospect along a simulated timeline, from the execution of the exploration agreement to EPC construction, and an overview of the production life cycle. Presentations are made by the participants to the IHRDC course mentors at key decision points during the week; on the final day, a comprehensive team presentation is made on their overall decisions, recommendations, and expectations for field performance.

Lecture Sessions

Lectures are limited and are meant to provide overview, guidance, and subject reference materials for discussion as participant teams make decisions in the various workshop sessions. The following pages outline the lecture and workshop sessions in detail and demonstrate how they are integrated in the Workshop Schedule

Program Location and Schedule

Daily sessions will start at 8:00 AM and run until 5:00 PM. Participants will receive further information on location and schedule upon registration.

Program Content

Lecture Sessions

  • Hydrocarbon Properties
  • Overview of the Energy Industry and Oil and Gas Value Chain
  • Host Country and JOA Exploration Agreements (Overview)
  • The E&P Stage-Gate Process
  • Petroleum Project Economics Investment Criteria and Risk Analysis
  • Petroleum Geology, Geophysics, and Exploration Process
  • Formation Evaluation Methods
  • Drilling and Well Completions
  • Reservoir Characterization, Resources, and Reserves Estimation
  • Planning for Development: Subsurface Plan
  • Surface Facilities Plan Alternatives: Oil, Gas, and Gas Liquids
  • Market Plan Alternatives: Crude Oil, Products, Natural Gas and Gas Liquids
  • Estimating CAPEX and OPEX/Sources of Capital
  • Preparing Optimal Development Plan: Subsurface Lockdown, FEED, and FID
  • EPC Management of Projects and Negotiation with Contractors
  • Management of Producing Assets: Reservoir, Wells, Surface Facilities and Markets
  • Measuring Company Financial Performance


Atlantica: West Africa Offshore E&P Project Business Game

IHRDCs highly regarded all-digital project management workshop simulates the processes followed as teams of specialists evaluate an exploration and development opportunity and manage it through abandonment. Participants explore a deep offshore license area in the Republic of Atlantica, West Africa. A production-sharing contract (PSC) has been negotiated with the Ministry and your team has just been informed that it is to explore and, if feasible, develop, and manage viable prospects through their life cycle.

Your team has access to two seismic lines across the license area that indicate the presence of some possible structures at the target formation. An analog field, just across the border in Nigeria, came on stream last year, and you have substantial information on its reservoir properties, well performance, development plan, production levels, and capital and operating costs. You are given financial models and other technical tools to perform the necessary analyses on both deterministic and probabilistic bases. Now it is up to your team to use available capital, technology, market information, and analysis tools, following the best practices of the E&P Stage-Gate project management process. You are asked to perform high level analyses to make the sequential decisions necessary to reach an optimal development plan for this deepwater opportunity.

The workshop sessions include:

  • Introduction to the Atlantica Workshop
  • Review of the E&P Economic Model and Atlantica PSC Agreement
  • Seismic Exploration Decision
  • Atlantica Exploration Well Decision
  • Atlantica Appraisal Well Program
  • Estimating Contingent Resources
  • Team Presentation to Mentor
  • Establishing Commercial Viability
  • Atlantica Field Development Plan and Market Options
  • Comparison of Development Alternatives for Atlantica
  • Prepare Optimal Plan for Atlantica
  • Finalize Oil and Gas Market Contracts
  • Atlantica Field Development and Facilities Construction
  • Review of Atlantica Performance after 20 Years
  • Team Presentation to Mentors and Company Managers