Competency Management Workshop

This 3 day workshop teaches the competency management process in the development of a world-class workforce. You will assess competencies such as leadership, technical skill and behavior to enhance your organizations success.

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Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for technical and administrative line managers seeking measurable competitive advantage from their people. It is also for Human Resource and Training Professionals responsible for leading an aligned workforce in contributing to the business strategy and financial targets of their company.

Instructional Format

The learning format consists of short lectures, group discussion, practical demonstrations, and assignments that enhance the learning and allow participants to apply the learnings from this competency workshop immediately upon returning to their organizations.

Lecture Content

  • Competency Management Workshop
  • Overview of the Energy Industry
  • A Strategic Approach to Workforce Competencies
  • Developing a Competent Workforce – Where to Start?
  • Leadership, Technical and Behavioral Competencies
  • The Workforce Scorecard and Building a Competent Workforce
  • The Competency Management Process
    • Competency Assurance
    • Creating Relevant Job Descriptions
    • Competency Models
    • How to Conduct Accurate Assessment
    • Skill Gap Assessment
    • Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
    • Aligning IDPs with Business Targets
    • Training Alignment
  • A Project Management Approach to Competency
  • Competency-based Recruitment
  • Metrics – How to Measure Competency Project Success
  • Competency Management Software Demonstration


This three-day program consists of several project workshops conducted in a team environment. Workshop activities include the development of job descriptions and competency statements and models, understanding and conducting employee assessments, capturing learning gaps, and preparing appropriate development plans to eliminate the gaps.

These activities will in turn provide the starting point for a baseline workforce assessment and developing Individual Development Plans. The workshop will reinforce the complete competency development process and enable participants to apply their practical skills learnt to:

  • Manage Competency-based Recruitment
  • Build Competency-based Training Plans
  • Carry Out Competency Assessments

The sessions include:

  • Developing a Job Description Template
  • Building Competency Statements
  • Developing a Job Competency Model
  • Performing Assessment Activities
  • Creating Aligned Individual Development Plans
  • Competency models as a recruitment tool