CMS Online Administrator Workshop

This virtual workshop provides a clear, easy-to-follow and fully self-paced learning curriculum with live mentor support and the opportunity to learn by doing in a practice environment. The Administrator Workshop immerses the participant in CMS Online, IHRDC’s proprietary competency management, assessment, and reporting tool. This on-line solution provides every user with the tools they need to manage their competency development and compliance activities. The application tracks assessments, course completion, reassessment, and compliance status on a variety of levels—from the individual, to the employees in a job area, and the entire company.

This virtual workshop gives administrators the knowledge and experience to be successful in their role. The workshop consists of mentor-led sessions, video instruction, and independent activity completion. Participants can practice what they learn in IHRDC’s student practice environment.

The CMS Online system administrator’s role is central to an organization’s success with managing your program. Understanding how to manage users, content, assessments and learning activities equips your administrator for success in supporting a competency management or development program. Administrators need to know how to establish and maintain a framework of attributes within the CMS Online application that relate to all aspects of the program and to individual users.

The Administrator Workshop engages the participants through a blended learning experience including video overviews, interactive discussions and hands-on exercises.

The curriculum provides participants with an understanding of every aspect of the application they will be expected to manage. An IHRDC mentor will kick-off the workshop, lead check-in sessions, answer questions, and check participant progress through the modules.

The nine workshop modules include the following:

Getting Started: Workshop and Application Overview
User Management
Company Settings
Competency Assessment and Development
Additional Administrator Functions
Mandatory Training
Learning Curriculum
Content Development

Upon completing the workshop, administrators will be able to:

  • Support competency assessments and development
  • Assign and manage learning
  • Administer user management
  • Facilitate Systems Administration
  • Understand content development tools