Building a WorldClass Workforce: A Competency-Based Approach

Todays professionals are at the forefront of change in their organizations. They are asked to implement new technologies, lead process improvement efforts, reduce business costs, and enable innovation. This interactive five-day workshop is designed for those change leaders, both in line and in Human Resource roles. Align your employees and team learning with the success of your business vision and mission. Explore the principles behind the Balanced Scorecard and how to develop Workforce and Human Resource Scorecards that align with the organizations strategic objectives and financial targets. Then learn the application of the competency management process in the development of a world-class workforce, one that learns and improves as global business conditions change without losing competitive focus.

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Program Type

Key Benefits

By participating in this program, you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Balanced Scorecard
  • Learn how to develop Workforce and Human Resource Scorecards and align them with the strategic objectives of your organization
  • Acquire the skills to apply a competency management process in developing a world-class workforce

Instructional Format

The learning format consists of short lectures, group discussion, and practical demonstrations and assignments that enhance the learning and allow participants to apply these modern best practices immediately upon returning to their organizations

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for technical and administrative managers looking to derive measurable competitive advantage from their people, as well as HR and Training Professionals responsible for taking the lead in aligning workforce contribution with the business strategy and financial targets of their organization.

Program Content

Human Capital Issues

  • What is it?
  • Who owns it?
  • How Measurable is it?

Is Return on Human Capital part of your Business Scorecard?

A Strategic Approach to Workforce Competencies

Developing a Competent Workforce – Where to Start?

Leadership, Technical, and Behavioral Competencies

The Balanced Scorecard: Building and Aligning the Workforce and HR Components

Competency Management

  • Competency Assurance
  • Creating Relevant Job Descriptions
  • Competency Models
  • How to Conduct Accurate Assessments
  • Skill Gap Assessment
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  • Aligning IDPs with Business Targets
  • Training Alignment

Metrics – How to Measure Success

A Project Management Approach to Competency

In Closing – The Line Manager and HR Relationship


The five-day program consists of several project workshops conducted in a team environment. Participants will first work in teams exploring the mechanics of the Balanced Scorecard process, before working individually on their own Workforce Plan. Additionally, there will be workshop activities involving the development of job descriptions and competency statements and models, understanding and conducting employee assessments, capturing learning gaps, and preparing appropriate development plans to eliminate the gaps, in turn providing the start point for a baseline assessment and initial Individual Development Plan. The workshop will reinforce the complete competency development process and allow participants to take away a practical hands-on experience from the program that can be immediately used back home on the job. There will be a short online assessment for individuals to experience the use of software typically used in the competency management process.

The sessions include:

  • Outlining a Balanced Scorecard
  • Developing the Workforce and HR components of the Scorecard
  • Developing a Job Description template
  • Building Competency statements
  • Developing a Job Competency model
  • Performing assessment activities
  • Creating aligned Individual Development Plans