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Competency Based e-Learning Solutions

This integrated package combines standard competency models with e-Learning to efficiently train your staff, track progress and close competency gaps. Make a positive impact on your company’s training solutions.

Why Competency Based e-Learning Solutions?

Our Value Proposition
  • Provides a single, integrated package that defines competency requirements and aligns learning materials.
  • Creates a cost-effective solution to accelerate the development of employees.
  • Aligns learning and development to standard competency models vetted by Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) industry experts.
  • Provides a clear, self-driven learning track for developing real skills.
  • Standard Job Competency Models can be deployed in 48 hours via web-browser
WHAT is Competency 3

What does the Upstream Solution Include?

CMS Online Software
  • Industry-leading competency management software utilized by SPE membership
  • SaaS based deployment with 128-bit security
  • Powerful management and reporting functionality
Competency Models
  • 47 Upstream models built in coordination with SPE and SEG
  • Target initial job-holder position and first-line supervisor
  • 300 additional industry-standard competency models available
 Learning Management System
  • Provides powerful reporting functionality
  • Tracks all users and course completion
  • Data interface with CMS Online
e-Learning Content
  • Award-winning, oil and gas industry learning content
  • Matched to competency models by competency and level
  • Provides on-demand learning for employees

Solid competency models carefully designed for effectiveness

SEG and SPE Competency Models

IHRDC has worked with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) to create 47 industry-standard competency models and deliver free competency management systems for use by each of its members. These competency systems are designed to help SEG and SPE members assess their current skills, identify new learning opportunities, and manage their careers on an individual basis. Organizations can license any of the 47 industry-standard models for use in their internal systems or IHRDC’s CMS Online, from IHRDC to perform staff assessments and get a picture of their current strengths. These models focus on entry to mid-career level positions in the oil and gas industry and can be customized for each organization. The SEG and the SPE competency models were built using the IHRDC competency models as the foundation, and then reviewed with SEG and SPE industry experts.


Acquisition R&D Geophysicist
Environmental Geophysicist
Non-Seismic Geophysicist
Quantitative Seismic Interpreter
Seismic Interpreter
Engineering Geophysicist
General Geophysicist
Processing/Imaging R&D
Geophysicist Seismic Acquisition
Geophysicist Seismic
Processing/Imaging Geophysicist

SPE Upstream

Production Engineering and Operations
Production Manager
Operations Superintendent
Senior Production Engineer
Production Engineer
Field Operations Engineer
Well Engineering Manager
Senior Drilling Engineer
Senior Completion and Well Intervention Engineer Drilling Engineer
Completion and Well Intervention Engineer
Project and Facilities Engineering
Facilities and Projects Manager Project Manager
Senior Facilities Engineer Facilities Engineer
Project Engineer
Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
HSE Manager
Senior Health Specialist
Senior Safety Specialist
Senior Environment
Specialist Health Specialist
Safety Specialist Environmental Specialist
Subsurface Manager
Senior Reservoir Engineer
Senior Geologist
Senior Geophysicist
Senior Petrophysicist
Reservoir Engineer
Business Development (Service Companies, Contractors)
Business Development Manager- EPC Contractor
Account Manager- Drilling Contractor
Account Manager- Integrated Service Company
Business Development (Operating Companies)
Business Development Manager
Business Development Analyst
Supply Chain
Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Analyst
Engineering–Entry Level
Subsurface Engineer
Facilities and Process
Engineer Well Engineer

A streamlined and effective process

1 – Assessment
  • Access provided through web-based browser based on user role
  • Each user assigned standard competency model
  • Individual assesses his skills against each competency unit
  • Supervisors and assessors ensure assesments are accurate and objective
2 – Gap Analysis and Planning
  • Employees can review their individual competency profiles, supervisors can see employees’
  • Users build a learning plan by selecting and prioritizing competency development activities
  • Training has been pre-matched to job level requirements in each competency unit
  • Users can add or subtract from training match-up to create a customized plan
3 – Learning and Development
  • Course match-ups include IHRDC e-Learning as well as SPE training resources
  • Included IHRDC e-Learning contains on average 50 individual course titles per competency model
  • Each IHRDC e-Learning resource launches directly through the LMS
  • Training completion records are recorded in the LMS and transferred to CMS Online
  • Employees can reassess themselves to close competency gaps

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