Letter from the President

When we first launched IHRDC more than 50 years ago, the standard way to train oil and gas workers was to use a classroom, a blackboard, slide projector and an instructor to deliver the sessions. There was no internet, no Wi-Fi, no mobile phones for streaming courses, no digital graphics, no digital text, nor digital video content. Instead, there were slides and 3-ring bound lectures and volumes of printed manpower development plans, with lists of job-specific knowledge and skills.

Over the intervening years we have used the latest in technology, as it evolved, and a culture of excellence to build innovative new training programs and products to deliver the most effective training and competency development resources available to meet the demanding needs of our many oil and gas industry clients.

The impact of these many innovations is summarized in carefully prepared “Thought Leadership” pages that you will find on our website here: Instructional Programs, e-Learning Solutions, and Competency Management. They will help you understand the guiding principles we follow as we develop and deliver the training and competency development resources that we offer to you to build a highly competent workforce. The statement of principles will also help you:

  • Learn how the continuous updating of our Competency Management resources have led to its being adopted by major industry associations and many clients who rate it as the best in the industry today.
  • Learn about our many new on-site and virtual learning programs on “Oil and Gas Business”, “Marketing and Trading”, “Upstream Technology”, “Leadership” along with new ones devoted to the global “Energy Transition”, each with its unique and challenging learning simulation games. Many have called our virtual and on-site offerings “the best programs I have ever attended.”
  • Learn how we had our resources available and were prepared, during Covid 19, to blend our e-Learning, lectures, instructors, case studies and learning simulation games to deliver an eight-week program, virtually, to 1050 isolated learners in West Africa.
  • Learn how you can now gain access to Athena Microlearning, a major new resource, containing over 6400 learning nuggets from three of our e-Learning series to provide “just-in-time” learning for you and your team.

We encourage you to study our website, consider the many options we offer, whether it be in Talent Management or Training and Development, and then call or contact one of our Regional Managers to discuss how we can be of assistance. Finding the appropriate solution for you is our objective. Be assured that we have many satisfied customers throughout the world, and we would be delighted to add you to that list.

Thank you for coming to our website. Now let us build a strong relationship! 


David A. T. Donohue JD, PhD