How to Manage Competence

Today’s oil and gas companies are under pressure to realize strong returns on their assets while maintaining the highest standards of safety and operating performance of their employees. But that’s becoming increasingly difficult to achieve because of job turnover, competition for new hires and the need to meet expanding government compliance regulations.

One way leading firms are confronting this dilemma is by implementing a competency management program to ensure that all their employees have the demonstrable skills at the appropriate level required for effective performance in their respective jobs. So how do you manage competence? By applying the right methodology, deploying the right training assets,  adopting the right processes and utilizing the right tools – in particular, IHRDC’s CMS Online software.

A Popular and Proven System

CMS Online is a proven, widely-adopted management, assessment and reporting system that is the foundation of the IHRDC Competency Management Process.  It showcases industry-specific competency models, records the job-holder assessment results, and prepares tailored Individual Development Plans for each employee to follow. It then connects to learning assets that enable each assessed employee to close their demonstrated competency gaps, and tracks their progress as they complete the training required to become fully competent. The competency requirements are benchmarked at one of four graduated levels, ranging from Awareness, to Basic Application, Skilled Application and the highest level, Mastery.

CMS Online, is a cloud-based on-line solution, which includes all the data from competency models; employee, supervisor, and qualified assessor assessments; individual learning plans; and training results. It has a user-friendly, multi-language interface, and the tool can stand alone or be integrated into existing learning management or human resource systems to make data available to supervisors and management. It generates reports that provide a given workforce’s strengths and areas of vulnerability to help meet corporate policies and goals.

From the employee’s perspective, the software displays the results of their current assessments and how they measure up to the standards for other jobs. To establish a career path, they can compare the current results to the requirements for any other job title in the organization. Supervisors, meanwhile, can monitor their employee’s learning progress as part of their competency development plans and can track the competency profile for each of them. The tool is both a motivational asset and a critical resource for performance management.

Compliance Training Too

In addition to tracking the competency development process, CMS Online also records the mandatory training an employee might receive to meet the company’s compliance requirements along with the elective training he or she can choose as part of an employee on-boarding program or to gain background learning about the industry. Another available module delivers IHRDC’s innovative Athena Microlearning product, a searchable database of 6500 nuggets of practical industry knowledge 5 to 8 minutes in length and available on any device derived from the company’s treasure trove of 1500 e-learning courses.

CMS Online has evolved over the years as more clients adopted the “Assess, Plan and Develop” methodology that lies at the heart of IHRDC’s approach to helping companies benchmark workforce skills and capabilities. The software has been repeatedly refined over the years, with additional features and functionality added on a quarterly basis. The latest iteration is version 4.20, and you can learn more about the current release and details about the product here:

You can also get an overview of the value of CMS Online together with a walkthrough of the product by accessing a webinar recording hosted by IHRDC’s VP of Competency Management, Brad Donohue. That recording is available here.

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