IPIMS Video Wins AVA Gold Award

As part of IHRDC’s ongoing program to upgrade the extensive IPIMS library of over 200 e-Learning topics related to Upstream Petroleum Technology, we produce new video content that make courses both timely and engaging for our audience of exploration and production professionals. The fresh videos reinforce the learning that leads to desired levels of competency, and as users can attest, quality counts.

Screenshot of IPIMS video on “Unconformities and Tectonic History” awarded Gold by AVA.

That’s why it was welcome news when we recently learned that IHRDC had won a Gold Award from AVA Digital Awards. This international competition recognizes excellence demonstrated by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, design and production of digital communications.

The award is for our “Unconformities and Tectonic History” video, part of the Background Learning topic, Basic Seismic Processing.  The work was created by IHRDC’s Innovation and Development Group, consisting of the staff’s instructional designer, video graphics team and geophysics discipline manager. They skillfully created a fascinating animated story to illustrate the complicated tectonic history of a target area to provide insights about the structure and timing of hydrocarbon migration.

The video shows how the regional environment changes over time, with a depositional interpretation of the geological history and layer-by-layer study of its seismology – examining the thickening and thinning of layers derived from the unconformities.

The four-and-a-half-minute video won in AVA’s “long-form” category devoted to training content. If you want to see what a Gold-winner looks like, you can play it by clicking this link:

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