IHRDC Kicks-off its Virtual Mentored Learning Program with 24 teams in 17 Countries!

For the next six weeks the participating teams will learn the essence of the Upstream Oil & Gas Business in weekly sessions that include three hours of individual e-Learning and one hour online with an IHRDC virtual mentor, who will discuss the weekly assignment and introduce the business simulation game session. The teams will then go offline to analyze and make decisions on the simulation game assignment for that week. During the program the teams will focus on five upstream value chain sectors: Host Country Agreements, Petroleum Geology and Exploration Process, Drilling and Well Completions, Field Development, Marketing and Trading of Crude Oil.

The teams will apply their learning in a sequential manner to the simulated exploration for oil and gas in the West African Republic of Sandland, where a single 2D seismic line suggests a possible reservoir structure at a depth of 3000 meters. They will then pursue the opportunity through a 20-year simulated exploration, development and production period. In the process their investments, revenue and expenses will be recorded, and, at the end, they will present their results and learn how their performance compared to the other teams. The best performing team will win the Team Prize.

The Mentors for the program are all Senior IHRDC Instructors: Dr. Charles Brankman (photo), Dr. Serdar Dogulu and Piers Cooke Yarborough. The e-Learning courses were selected from IHRDC’s Petroleum Online Series and the Sandland Petroleum Simulation Game was built with the IHRDC LSIM Toolbox.

The Midstream/Downstream Oil & Gas Business Program will begin April 1 with 11 teams already enrolled. If you are interested in entering a team, please contact [email protected]

Information on IHRDC and its many resources and capabilities can be found at www.ihrdc.com

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