IHRDC Named IMA Award Winner

IHRDC is pleased to announce it has received the 2016 Best In Class Interactive Media Awards™ in the Energy category. The Interactive Media Awards (IMA) recognizes individuals and organizations for the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honors their outstanding achievements. According to IMA, IHRDC’s Oil & Gas Industry Overview course represents “the very best in planning, execution and overall professionalism.”

To win the award out of a field of 75 entries, IHRDC had to successfully pass through IMA’s comprehensive judging process, achieving exceptionally high marks in each of the organization’s judging criteria including design, content, functionality, usability and standards compliance. Overall, IHRDC scored a 492 out of a possible 500, which reflected IMA’s mandate to seek out and recognize excellence in web design and development. The recognition includes a listing in the IMA Award Gallery online.

The winning interactive course provides a comprehensive overview of the oil and gas value chain and is part of an 18-course Petroleum Online e-Learning series. To meet the needs, challenges, and culture of today’s learner, the series employs a variety of instructional design approaches resulting in learning that is both engaging and effective. Learning features include interactive content design which permits the learners to explore and discover material, engaging videos that introduce key concepts, and high-quality, effective graphics. Each course offers the learner an opportunity to test their knowledge and assess their progress using review questions, final assessment questions, and tracking tools.

“We are delighted by the news that IMA has recognized the exceptional work of IHRDC’s team of subject matter experts, instructional designers and developers,” said Timothy Donohue, Vice President of e-Learning and Knowledge Solutions for IHRDC. “We value the industry standards that the Best in Class requires, and we feel confident that the quality of our Petroleum Online e- Learning series reflects that.”

To date, over 37,000 have improved their knowledge of the oil and gas industry and sharpened their skills by completing the Oil & Gas Industry Overview course. The IMA Best in Class Award now stands as an important milestone in IHRDC’s effort to raise the bar for producers of training materials designed to ensure the competence of the world’s oil and gas employees and managers.

About IHRDC:
International Human Resources Development Corporation (www.ihrdc.com) has been a global leader in training and competency management for the oil and gas industry for more than 45 years, offering the best Instructional Programs, e-Learning and Knowledge Solutions, and Competency Management products and services available to the industry today. The company is headquartered in Boston, USA with offices in Houston, London, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Lagos.

IHRDC is the proud three-time recipient of the “Petroleum Industry Training Provider of the Year Award” from the Getenergy organization, the 2014 and 2016 recipient of IMA Best In Class Award, the 2011 Platinum AVA Award, 18 Telly Awards, and the 2003 Corporate Award for Excellence in Distance Learning Programming.

About IMA:
The Interactive Media Awards™ recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement.

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