SQA Assessor Training

SQA Assessor training and certification ensures that an organization’s assessors are experienced subject matter experts, and that they use standard assessment techniques required by a recognized awarding body such as SQA. IHRDC is an official Scottish Qualifications Authority Approved Centre using its competency management process and competency standards. IHRDC has the ability to train and issue SQA qualifications for assessors and internal verifiers for clients involved in competency assessments.

The assessment of employees at the workplace is a critical component of an organization’s competency management process. The many benefits of SQA Assessor qualification include the following:

  • Ensures assessors are internationally recognized and accepted by industry bodies such as OPITO.
  • Provides certification of competence for those involved in assessing learners undertaking National and International endorsed qualifications or similar competence-based training programs including Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs), National Qualifications Authority (NQA), and International Vocational Qualification.
  • Enables assessors to be recognized as qualified and competent workplace assessors.
  • Ensures assessors will meet SQA standards.
  • Adds credibility to a company’s competency management system and assessment process.
  • Demonstrates to a company’s clients and auditors that its assessors are competent.
  • Provides the opportunity to develop and improve assessment practices.

IHRDC can provides mentor-led virtual assessor training and coach and support portfolio preparation to enable an organization’s assessor candidates to gain internationally recognized Assessor Qualification through the SQA. The assessor training engages the participants through a blended learning experience including e-Learning, theory, interactive discussions and hands-on exercises.

The e-Learning modules will provide participants with an understanding of the assessment process including the key areas of focus, assessment tools, and assessment methods. An appointed and suitably qualified IHRDC mentor will help participants progress through the e-Learning modules, answer the questions, help in portfolio preparation, and assess the assessor candidates to ensure the candidate is able to conduct impartial, consistent and thorough assessments.

Upon completion, Assessor Candidates will be familiar with the following:

  • Competence and standards
  • The role of an Assessor
  • The assessment process
  • Assessment methods and methodology
  • The role of an Assessor Candidate
  • Evidence requirements to be met by the Assessor Candidate
  • Procedures for achieving the L&D9DI Assessor award

The six SQA Assessor training and certification e-Learning modules include
the following:

  • Getting Started
  • Competence and Assessment Process, Structure, and Roles
  • Assessor Candidates Responsibilities
  • Assessment Methods – Direct and Indirect
  • Assessments Using CMS Online
  • Assessment and Portfolio Preparation: A Step-by-Step Guide

At the end of training and coaching, the candidates will have the skill set to effectively run and manage assessments and, upon successful completion of assessments, candidates will receive the appropriate certification of their achievements.