Law, Accounting and Finance for Oil and Gas Professionals

A good manager or supervisor today must have a solid working knowledge of a broad range of management topics to make effective decisions. Three such topics are included in this course: law, accounting and finance. This offering will present the foundations of these key topics, in a practical manner, from the perspective of the petroleum industry. Upon its completion you will be able to read legal agreements and discuss financial statements in a whole new light and be able to apply them to project development or general corporate management. This program is a foundation course in our Essential Skills for the Oil & Gas Professionals Curriculum.

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June 27 – July 1, 2022


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those mid- to senior level managers and supervisors from all sectors of the oil and gas industry who wish to enhance their practical knowledge and understanding of three fundamental management areas: law, accounting and finance, that strongly influence their understanding of business and inform their organizational decision making. These set of core topics make this program a “must” for those whose major areas of formal studies was technology or other specialty fields.

Program Content

Legal Fundamentals and Applications of Law

Introduction to the Legal Process
Contract Law
Tort Law
Business Organizations
Tax Law and Application
Regulatory Law
Property Law

Fundamentals of Finance

Sources and Cost of Debt and Equity
Corporate and Project Financing
Typical Financing Term Sheets and Projections

Accounting and Finance

Accounting Fundamentals and Applications
Finance Fundamentals and Applications
Four Basic Financial Statements: Income, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Equity Statement
Building the Financial Statements of an Exploration Company and a Regulated Pipeline
Reading Financial Statements of Several Petroleum Companies


Law and Finance Project Simulation: Jasper

During this learning simulation game, teams of participants will perform the legal review and prepare a financing plan for its company to develop a potential underground gas storage facility in the Northeast region of the United States. They will be asked to review major service agreements, regulatory agency application documents, debt and equity financing agreements and prepare proforma financials for the project.