HR Management for Oil and Gas Managers and Supervisors

This program is ideal for those who seek a firm grounding in the Human Resource (HR) challenges facing the international oil and gas industry today and the ways in which HR can contribute to implementing strategic plans, including the management of change. Participants will explore the principles behind the Balanced Scorecard and its use in analyzing leadership and workforce behaviors, skills and competencies, and the impacts of HR policies. Particular focuses are on defining, applying, and investing in workforce success and on identifying shared line management and HR accountabilities. The programs topics are directly applicable to strategic business discussions and planning in modern organizations.

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September 26 – 30, 2022


Who Should Attend

This program is designed specifically for mid- to senior- managers and supervisors from all sectors of the oil and gas industry who wish to enhance their competencies in essential HR management areas.

Lecture Content

HR Management for Oil & Gas Managers & Supervisors

Overview of the Petroleum Industry Today

Oil and gas measurements and units; the value chains; market structures; worldwide oil and gas economics; major players; evolution of the integrated oil and gas business.

Systems Thinking:
Developing a Big Picture Vision

Benefits of systems thinking to HR professionals; thinking systemically; attitudes and behavior; and understanding complexity.

Building the Workforce Scorecard

Introduction to the Workforce Scorecard; methods to align workforce with corporate strategy; measuring workforce success through metrics; three challenges to successful implementation; integrating with the Balanced Scorecard.

Emotional Intelligence and the Corporate Culture

Organizational culture and change; emotional intelligence and applying emotional intelligence in your organization.

Human Resource Management

HR Processes; HR strategy model; building a manpower plan; source of personnel; recruiting and compensation.

Developing Competent Managers, Specialists and O&M Personnel in the Oil and Gas Industry

Typical competency levels, competency assurance system and process; effective development options using traditional and technology-based learning methods.

Business Simulation

Developing Nicoil’s HR and Strategic Plan: Nicola

This business game is an integral part of the learning process. Teams of participants make real-life strategic and HR decisions that commonly confront managers in the international petroleum business today.

Teams have been retained to work with a small U.S. company of exploration specialists, Nicoil, that has made a major oil and gas discovery on a shallow offshore block licensed by the Republic of Nicola, an island republic off the west coast of Africa. Reports state that two major discoveries were made: an oil reservoir containing an estimated 50 million barrels in-place and a deeper gas discovery containing an estimated 5 TCF in-place. The team assignment is to develop a strategic plan, which includes a comprehensive HR plan.

A consultant has provided the company with a menu of options that it could pursue to maximize the value of its discoveries. It will be up to teams to decide on Nicoil’s business strategy and then prepare and implement a Workforce Success Strategy to achieve strategic and business goals.

Workshop Sessions Include:

  • Identify Nicoil’s Business Plan
  • Prepare a “Big Picture View” for Nicoil
  • Use a Balanced Scorecard to Specifiy Nicoil’s Strategic Plan
  • Design the Nicoil Organizational Structure
  • Prepare Nicoil’s Workforce Scorecard
  • Prepare Nicoil’s HR Scorecard: Systems, Competencies and Practices
  • Identify the HR and Behavioral Competencies of Leaders
  • Preparing the Manpower Development Program for Nicoil
  • Team Presentations on HR Plan for Nicoil