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Introduction to Online Learning
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This course introduces the major models, tools, and techniques for creating and delivering online learning. It reviews the fundamentals of general learning theory and how it can be applied in practice to online design and instruction.
Duration: Course Code:
2 hours IHRDC_BEES_730
  • Describe key trends in online learning.
  • Differentiate between the constructivist and transmission models of learning.
  • Devise techniques for active learning.
  • Identify the steps common to course development processes and their roles in creating effective learning.
  • Explain how learning objectives may be used to ensure that a course is meeting the need it was designed for.
  • Identify the condition, performance, and qualification components of measurable learning objectives.
  • Describe Bloom's Taxonomy and explain its application in instructional design.
  • Describe the use of blended learning.
  • Explain the benefits of narrative, adaptive, peer, and social learning.
  • Discuss the instructional design needs specific to adult learners.
  • Describe how to employ Whole-Part-Whole learning techniques.
  • Recognize how worked examples advance learning.
  • Describe instructional scaffolding and explain its use.
  • Explain the 5E Learning Model.
  • Explore the need for variety in online learning.
  • Identify ways to incorporate video in online learning.
  • Describe how to measure for success in online learning.
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Price: US$125.00

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