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Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam Prep
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"This course is designed to prepare learners for the Project Management Institute's Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) exam by exploring the methodologies, practices, tools, and techniques that Agilists need to master to become proficient practitioners. Students in this course will increase their knowledge of Agile concepts with interactive exercises, vocabulary games, flashcards, and video segments from experienced Agile practitioners. Each student's understanding of key Agile concepts and principles will be tested in several comprehensive module quizzes as well as in two 120-question practice exams designed to mirror the PMI®certification exam process. The course begins with the Agile Basics and Agile Applications modules from our Introduction to Agile course, as a foundation for students to build on as they prepare for their exams. These modules describe fundamental Agile ideas and concepts, and use Best Practices and Case Studies to explain how Agile methodologies are implemented in real-world situations. The course continues with a discussion and clarification of the key tools, techniques, and strategies that PMI has listed as important for Agile practitioners to understand to achieve their certification. Combining instructional material with real-world application of concepts helps to prepare learners for PMI® certification while simultaneously teaching them to successfully lead teams and complete Agile projects as they continue on their career paths."
Duration: Course Code:
21 hours IHRDC_BEES_AGL0102
  • Identify the similarities and differences among Agile methodologies.
  • Describe the stages of the Agile development cycle and identify the factors that promote project success.
  • Understand how to apply specific tools and techniques to successfully complete Agile projects
  • Understand the interrelationships of tasks, activities, and practices in Agile projects.
  • Understand the specific roles and responsibilities of team members and enhance interaction on Agile teams.
  • Successfully complete the PMI-ACP® certification exam. Effectively lead and work with Agile teams.
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    Price: US$125.00

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