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Table of Contents


Course Title Course Number
Introduction to Agile (IHRDC_BEES_1034) 1
Agile Team Challenges (IHRDC_BEES_AGL0104) 2
Integrating Agile and Waterfall Practices (IHRDC_BEES_AGL0106) 3
Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam Prep (IHRDC_BEES_AGL0102) 4
Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Practice Exams & Exam Strategies (IHRDC_BEES_AGL0103) 5


Course Title Course Number
Effective Communication (IHRDC_BEES_COM0101) 6
Effective Public Speaking (IHRDC_BEES_873) 7
Communicating Collaboratively (IHRDC_BEES_895) 8
Effective Emails, Memos, and Letters (IHRDC_BEES_896) 9
Organizing and Structuring (IHRDC_BEES_COM0201) 10
Writing Effectively (IHRDC_BEES_COM0301) 11
Presentation Basics (IHRDC_BEES_COM0401) 12
Effective Negotiations (IHRDC_BEES_MGT0101) 13
Purposeful Presentations (IHRDC_BEES_COM0501) 14

Creativity and Innovation

Course Title Course Number
Creativity in Teams and Organizations (IHRDC_BEES_CRT0101) 15
Innovation in Teams and Organizations (IHRDC_BEES_CRT0201) 16
Introduction to Critical Thinking (IHRDC_BEES_CRT0301) 17
Personal Creativity (IHRDC_BEES_CRT0401) 18

Data Analytics

Course Title Course Number
Introduction to Data Analysis (IHRDC_BEES_1122) 19
Statistics as a Managerial Tool (IHRDC_BEES_1123) 20
Tools of Data Analysis (IHRDC_BEES_1124) 21
Statistical Process Control (IHRDC_BEES_1125) 22
Data Analysis in the Real World (IHRDC_BEES_1126) 23
Data Analysis for Improving Organizational Performance (IHRDC_BEES_1127) 24


Course Title Course Number
Overview of Finance (IHRDC_BEES_FIN0101) 25
Accounting Concepts and Financial Statement Analysis (IHRDC_BEES_FIN0201) 26
Time Value of Money Principles (IHRDC_BEES_FIN0301) 27
Risk and Return (IHRDC_BEES_FIN0401) 28
Budgeting (IHRDC_BEES_FIN0501) 29
Practical Tools for Planning and Control (IHRDC_BEES_FIN0601) 30
Valuing Real Assets (IHRDC_BEES_FIN0701) 31
Introduction to Business Statistics (IHRDC_BEES_FIN0801) 32
Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs (IHRDC_BEES_192) 33
How To Read A Financial Statement (IHRDC_BEES_1002) 34
Financial Planning and Control (IHRDC_BEES_1135) 35

Human Resources Management

Course Title Course Number
Introduction to Human Resource Management (IHRDC_BEES_HRM0101) 36
Planning and Recruiting (IHRDC_BEES_HRM0201) 37
Employee Selection (IHRDC_BEES_HRM0301) 38
Training and Development (IHRDC_BEES_HRM0401) 39
Employment Benefits (IHRDC_BEES_HRM0501) 40
Performance Management (IHRDC_BEES_HRM0601) 41
Compensation (IHRDC_BEES_HRM0701) 42
Talent Management and Career Development (IHRDC_BEES_HRM0801) 43
Equal Employment Opportunity (IHRDC_BEES_HRM0901) 44
Ethics, Employee Rights, and Discipline (IHRDC_BEES_HRM1001) 45
Employee Health and Safety (IHRDC_BEES_HRM1101) 46
Other HRM Issues: Work-Life Balance and Global HRM (IHRDC_BEES_HRM1201) 47

International Trade

Course Title Course Number
Global Business Management (IHRDC_BEES_INT0101) 48
Global Marketing (IHRDC_BEES_INT0201) 49
Global Supply Chain Management (IHRDC_BEES_INT0301) 50
Global Trade Finance (IHRDC_BEES_INT0401) 51


Course Title Course Number
Communication and Network Security (IHRDC_BEES_1109) 52
Asset Security (IHRDC_BEES_1154) 53
Identity and Access Management (IHRDC_BEES_1160) 54
Compliance and Operational Security Scenarios (IHRDC_BEES_1217) 55
Application, Data, and Host Security Scenarios (IHRDC_BEES_1219) 56
Access Control and Identity Management Scenarios (IHRDC_BEES_1220) 57
Introduction to Cybersecurity (IHRDC_BEES_1293) 58


Course Title Course Number
Introduction to Leadership (IHRDC_BEES_LDR0101) 59
Leaders and Work-Life Balance (IHRDC_BEES_LDR0201) 60
Leading and Managing Change (IHRDC_BEES_LDR0301) 61
Leading Teams (IHRDC_BEES_LDR0401) 62


Course Title Course Number
Supply Chain Management Basics (IHRDC_BEES_987) 63
Operations Management (IHRDC_BEES_1204) 64


Course Title Course Number
Managing in a Modern Organization (IHRDC_BEES_MGT0301) 65
Quality Management Basics (IHRDC_BEES_634) 66
Business Ethics in the 21st Century (IHRDC_BEES_564) 67
Handling Difficult Employee Behavior (IHRDC_BEES_583) 68
The Managers Toolbox- Handling Conflict (IHRDC_BEES_774) 69
The Managers Toolbox- Business Nuts and Bolts (IHRDC_BEES_775) 70
The Managers Toolbox- Performance Challenges (IHRDC_BEES_776) 71
The Managers Toolbox- Morale and Inspiration (IHRDC_BEES_777) 72
The Managers Toolbox- Compliance Challenges (IHRDC_BEES_778) 73
The Managers Toolbox- New Manager Challenges (IHRDC_BEES_779) 74
The Managers Toolbox- New Leader Challenges (IHRDC_BEES_780) 75
Managing People (IHRDC_BEES_MGT0401) 76
Time Management (IHRDC_BEES_MGT0501) 77
How to Coach (IHRDC_BEES_MGT0201) 78


Course Title Course Number
Overview of Marketing (IHRDC_BEES_MKG0101) 79
Marketing Planning (IHRDC_BEES_MKG0201) 80

Online Learning

Course Title Course Number
Introduction to Online Learning (IHRDC_BEES_730) 81
Teaching Online (IHRDC_BEES_734) 82
The Technology of Online Learning (IHRDC_BEES_748) 83

Project Management

Course Title Course Number
PM Primer- Conflict Resolution (IHRDC_BEES_809) 84
PM Primer- Cognitive Ability and Decisiveness (IHRDC_BEES_824) 85
Managing Real World Projects (IHRDC_BEES_598) 86
4CShare Global Project Management Simulation (IHRDC_BEES_609) 87
Ethics for Project Managers (IHRDC_BEES_613) 88
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers (IHRDC_BEES_615) 89
Effectively Managing Project Stakeholders (IHRDC_BEES_698) 90
PMP 1: Introduction to Project Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1162) 91
PMP 2: Project Processes and the Project Life Cycle (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1163) 92
PMP 3: Project Integration Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1164) 93
PMP 4: Project Scope Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1165) 94
PMP 5: Project Schedule Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1166) 95
PMP 6: Project Cost Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1167) 96
PMP 7: Project Quality Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1168) 97
PMP 8: Project Resource Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1169) 98
PMP 9: Project Communications Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1170) 99
PMP 10: Project Risk Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1171) 100
PMP 11: Project Procurement Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1172) 101
PMP 12: Project Stakeholder Management (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1173) 102
PMP 13: Practice Exams and Exam Strategies (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1161) 103
PMP Exam Prep Course (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1174) 104
Project Risk Management: PMI-RMP Exam Prep (Sixth Edition) (IHRDC_BEES_PM1208) 105

Project Risk Management

Course Title Course Number
Risk Communication (IHRDC_BEES_RMT0101) 106
Risk Analysis (IHRDC_BEES_RMT0102) 107
Risk Response Planning (IHRDC_BEES_RMT0103) 108
Risk Governance (IHRDC_BEES_RMT0104) 109
Risk Practice Exams and Exam Strategies (IHRDC_BEES_RMT0105) 110

Six Sigma

Course Title Course Number
Six Sigma Basics (IHRDC_BEES_947) 111

Sustainable Management

Course Title Course Number
Overview of Sustainable Management (IHRDC_BEES_SMG0101) 112
Corporate Social Responsibility (IHRDC_BEES_SMG0201) 113
Measuring Sustainable Management Performance (IHRDC_BEES_SMG0301) 114
Sustainable Management: Leadership Ethics (IHRDC_BEES_SMG0401) 115
Triple Bottom Line Accounting (IHRDC_BEES_SMG0501) 116

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