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This industry-leading e-Learning system is designed to build competencies of E&P professionals in Upstream Technology. IPIMS is a solution developed in partnership with industry experts that reflects current instructional design trends. Its learning assets include rigorous and extensive content, award-winning video, and challenging interactions and self-assessment questions to measure progress and achievements. More than 60 leading oil and gas companies now license IPIMS worldwide, which provides two levels of competency-based learning. Through Background Learning, users gain knowledge, skills, and procedural acumen. With Action Learning, they master practical applications through real-life assignments.

Users learn essential knowledge and skills with IPIMS Background Learning courses. It encompasses five primary upstream technology disciplines divided into 143 topic areas. It contains a total of 1,060 sub-topic level courses.

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Accordion Content

Introduction and Overview

Basic Skills of the Petroleum Geologist

Reservoir Geology

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Structure, Tectonics and Rock Deformation


Petroleum Technology for the Non-Engineer

Basin and Play Analysis

Surface Tools and Methods

Introductory Topics and Seismic Signals

Seismic Instruments and Field Techniques

Seismic Processing

Seismic Interpretation

3D Seismic and Time-Lapse Methods

Borehole Geophysics and Non-Seismic Methods

Petroleum Production Performance

Production Equipment and Operations

Drilling Engineering

Production Facilities Design

Well Completion and Stimulation

Reservoir Engineering

Offshore Operations

Petroleum Economic Analysis and Fundamentals

Other Petroleum Engineering Topics

Well Logging

Well Testing and Analysis

Rock and Fluid Sampling and Analysis

Learning Pathways

IHRDC’s Pathways enable learners to progress in their training from foundational industry knowledge, to generalized functional training, and finally to industry segment-specific learning. By following these plans, learners can achieve the required level of competency to better perform their jobs.

Corporate Licensing Options

IHRDC provides clients with two licensing options for accessing our e-Learning courses: Registered User License and Course-Based License. The Registered User License allows access to either IHRDC’s entire e-Learning suite of courses on an enterprise level or a specified number of e-Learning course titles for a specified number of registered users within an organization. The Course-Based License allows access to e-Learning course titles and is open to any number of employees within an organization. Licensees may elect to access courses through the IHRDC Learning Platform | CMS or on their own Learning Management System (LMS).

Registered User License

  • All-inclusive
  • Ideal for new hire training
  • Option to license all IHRDC e-Learning course libraries
  • License fee based on total number of registered users
    granted access to a specific group of courses

Course-Based License

  • Available to an unlimited number of employees
  • Flexibility to meet multiple learning and development
  • Pay only for courses launched

Development and Support

IHRDC is continually creating new course content, updating existing products, and implementing new technology in order to stay at the forefront of the e-Learning industry. Our technical support team provides global coverage to answer functional and technical questions promptly for our user community.

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