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Innovative on-demand solutions to effectively solve your skills training needs. These comprehensive products cover industry-specific content and business essentials in all key aspects of the international oil and gas industry.

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IHRDC has transitioned all of our e-Learning courses from OilandGasTraining.com to the new IHRDC.com website. Use the search bar above to find the course you are looking for or simply browse through our products below.

Clean Energy & Sustainability

When developing technical training solutions for today’s energy industry workforce, there is an increasing need to emphasize the significance of Clean Energy and Sustainability, especially in the context of the ongoing energy transition. IHRDC’s e-Learning & Knowledge Solutions products can play a pivotal role in preparing individuals with the skills and knowledge required to navigate this transition effectively.

Oil & Gas Business | Petroleum Online

This series of courses offers an in-depth overview of all sectors of the oil and gas industry. The Petroleum Online series is ideal for learning the commercial and technical foundations of the integrated value chain.

Upstream Petroleum Technology | IPIMS

Build the competencies of your E&P professionals with IPIMS. It covers all areas of upstream petroleum technology including geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering, formation evaluation, and multi-disciplinary courses.

Operations & Maintenance

Achieve operational excellence with our comprehensive series of courses devoted to fundamentals, HSE, maintenance, and operations. It provides your operators and technicians with the skills and knowledge to operate and maintain facilities safely and effectively.

Business Essentials

This set of courses is designed to improve the critical business skills of individuals working in the industry. These MBA-equivalent courses are developed in partnership with leading business educators.

Clean Energy & Sustainability

As the world pivots toward a sustainable energy future, IHRDC is now at the forefront of preparing the oil and gas workforce for the transition to net-zero carbon emissions. Our new strategic initiative offers a comprehensive set of courses and competency training tools designed to empower energy industry professionals with the knowledge and skills needed for this seismic shift.


Public Offerings

Our Public Offerings are scheduled On-Site or Virtual. Attendance at our public on-site offerings typically require attendees and instructional staff to travel to a designated location for a continuous period with day-long sessions from two to five days. Attendees from multiple companies mix and share experiences. These programs are normally offered at IHRDC’s Executive Training Center in Boston, and public venues in London and Dubai. In addition to course fees, attendees are responsible for their travel and living expenses.

Introducing the Next Generation of Learning: Athena Microlearning

Delivering short, 5- to 8-minute learning sessions with rich nuggets of content, Athena Microlearning offers on-demand access and a responsive design on any device. It drives job performance and enables your employees to learn, retain, and apply knowledge.

Professional Affiliations

IHRDC has partnered with industry-leading professional societies to create internationally benchmarked competency models, deliver internationally recognized vocational qualifications, and obtain approval of our competency assurance system.

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Learning Pathways

IHRDC’s Pathways enable learners to progress in their training from foundational industry knowledge, to generalized functional training, and finally to industry segment-specific learning. By following these plans, learners can achieve the required level of competency to better perform their jobs.