Petroleum Business Fundamentals Workshop

Duration:5 DAYS

This workshop is the two-unit abbreviated version of our flagship International Petroleum Business Program. It is designed for individuals from many different backgrounds within the petroleum industry, including lawyers, accountants, HR, IT specialists, marketing associates, and others who wish to broaden their knowledge of today’s petroleum business with an emphasis on the technical and commercial aspects of the upstream and downstream sectors. This program is also structured with IHRDC’s unique blend of lecture and workshop format. During the lectures, participants learn about the business aspects of the petroleum industry from recognized experts

During the workshop sessions, participants, working in teams, will be asked to make the real-life technical and commercial decisions that confront managers in the petroleum industry today. The workshop focuses on developing essential technical, financial and business knowledge of both upstream and downstream sectors of the global petroleum industry, with additional emphasis placed on effective teamwork, decision-making and presentation skills. This careful balance of lectures and workshop is an ideal way for participants to acquire the management skills and business knowledge needed for today’s industry participants.

Unit One covers the upstream sectors of the petroleum value chain with focus on exploration, drilling and well completions, reserves calculations, and field development planning topics.

Unit Two subjects cover the entire midstream and downstream petroleum sectors with emphasis on technology, project economics, and global markets that shape the petroleum industry today.


This program will benefit management, administrative and technical personnel who seek to broaden their knowledge of the upstream and downstream segments of global petroleum business


Overview of the Energy Industry
Host Government Agreements
Exploration Methods
Drilling and Well Completions
Reserves Estimation
Marketing of Crude Oil and Products
Field Development Planning: Reservoir
Performance and Surface Facilities Design


Energy Project Economics
Crude Oil Transportation
Natural Gas Transportation
Refining and Petrochemicals
Gas Processing and Marketing of LPGs
Products Distribution
Markets for Natural Gas
Measuring Financial Performance


Sandland - MapParticipants, divided into teams, compete with each other in the development of an integrated oil company in Sandland, a fictitious country on the west coast of Africa. Teams explore and develop oil reserves and then decide on the optimal way to market the production. In each session, the teams are given technical and economic background information. They then make decisions that require the commitment of both capital and operating funds. The business simulation takes place over a 20-year period and individual teams are evaluated on their financial performance. Decisions are made during 3 years of exploration, 2 years of development, and 15 years of production.


Charles Brankman, PhD
Y. Serdar Dogulu, PhD
John B. (Jack) King, MBA