This workshop provides international oil, gas, and power professionals with an overview of the international gas-to-power business and the opportunity to develop, with the guidance of excellent instructors and a challenging leaning simulation workshop, an IPP project in a West African developing country. After introductory lecturers on gas and power industry fundamentals the focus turns to gas supply options, including pipeline and LNG imports, and then proceeds to the key development needs of combined-cycle gas turbine power plants ("CCGT"), including the project management process from screening to operation, plant technology, siting, transmission, long and short term gas supply and power purchase agreements, permitting, project equity and debt financing, regulatory issues and rate setting methods, market liberalization, carbon emissions and the impact of competing renewable energy projects.


This program is designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds, who seek a comprehensive understand of gas-fired power plants and how the high efficiency of these plants and the availability of imported LNG or gas pipeline offer an ideal combination for countries who are seeking solutions to today's rapidly expanding power business.


Introduction to the Program, Power Industry Structure and Terminology Gas Market Analysis and Pricing
Gas Production and Pipeline Systems
LNG Supply and Imports: Liquefaction, Transportation, and Receiving Terminals
Overview of the Electric Power Industry Liberalization
Introduction to Power Generation and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants
Overview of Other Forms of Power Generation
Independent Power Project Players
Overview of Transmission and Distribution
Power Project Investment Screening, Selection and Project Development
Least Cost Dispatching, Operation of Power Pools and Electricity Trading
Merchant Power Plants
Financing Energy Projects
Power Plant Emissions, Carbon Economy, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Stakeholder Management
Economics of Large Renewable Energy Projects


The Power Business Learning Simulations allows teams of participants to plan and build a 275 MW combined-cycle power plant, under a BOT arrangement, in a fictitious country in West Africa. Each team is asked to prepare and Implement a business plan for the project which includes identifying the best course of gas (LNG or pipeline imports) and confirming project fundamentals including market assessment, technical design, fuel supply and power purchase contracts, equity and debt financing, government guarantees, environmental assessment, risk analysis, obtaining regulatory approval, permitting and negotiating the EPC and O&M agreements. Once constructed the teams operate the plant until its transfer to the government. During this operating period they are also offered the opportunity to build a parallel and sell power into a competitive market. Each team summarizes its decisions and presents Its financial results and the team with the "best" performance receives the workshop "prize".