International Gas Business Workshop

Duration:5 DAYS

This program is designed for individuals who wish to obtain a comprehensive understanding of today’s international gas business. This intensive five-day program covers the complete gas and gas liquids value chain - upstream, midstream and downstream - including the technical, economic, commercial, regulatory and market fundamentals that drive the industry today. The instructional format consists of a careful balance of lectures by experienced faculty and a proprietary “business game” that allows participants, working in teams, to internalize the learning.

This intensive program has a balanced lecture and integrated gas business “game” format that continues to receive “rave” reviews from participants as an excellent way to maximize the learning and “have fun.”


This program will benefit management, administration, government, operational and technical personnel who wish to broaden their knowledge of the international gas business and “best practices” of the natural gas business, especially the commercialization of gas projects.


The International Gas Market Structures
Host Government Agreements
Exploration Methods
Drilling and Well Completions
Cost of Gas Supply and Energy Project Economics
Estimating Resources and Reserves
Unconventional Gas Resources
Surface and Gas Processing Facilities and the Markets for Gas Liquids
Load Balancing and Underground Gas Storage Facilities
Gas Pipeline Systems
Gas-Fired Power Plants
Gas Distribution
Ammonia, Methanol and GTL Monetization Opportunities for Gas
LNG Project Fundamentals and Transportation
Gas Field Design and Development
Measuring Company Financial Performance
Industry Regulation, Deregulation and Convergence
Project Financing: Commercial Debt Structuring
Gas Trading and Risk Management


Cosmos - MapThe unique IHRDC gas business workshop is an integral part of the learning process as it allows participants to share their insights and internalize the fundamentals of the gas value chain in a practical, challenging, and fun way. During the business game, teams will explore and develop promising exploration blocks located within the sovereign boundaries of the Republic of Cosmos, a fictitious island off the east coast of Africa. Teams will enter into an exploration agreement and follow a path from exploration and resource estimation to international market assessment, field, midstream, and market infrastructure development. In essence, you will manage this opportunity from inception through 20 years of simulated performance. Team performance is measured on a financial basis and is catalyzed by healthy competition to win the team prize.


Claudio Steuer, BS, MBA
John B. (Jack) King, MBA
David A. T. Donohue, PhD, JD
Charles Brankman, PhD
Rick Squires, MS