Key Business Challenges Facing Today's Petroleum Leaders


October 18 - 29, 2021


This two-unit program responds to the famous axiom that “The industry is constantly changing and if you do not keep up, you fall behind!” In the daily sessions, you and your peers will discuss the key challenges facing the petroleum industry today and develop strategies that you can use to respond to the changing energy industry landscape upon completion of the program.

In Unit 1, we will review the global energy supply, demand, prices, and potential sources of growth along the oil and gas value chain; and then turn to recent performance and strategic objectives of majors and national oil companies considering the recent pandemic. In Unit 2, we will focus on the most important topic of our industry today: global warming and the many energy transitions that are available to your company and others to reduce carbon emission. As part of practical assignments integrated into this program, participants will be asked to recommended energy development policies for a country that is undergoing rapid population and economic growth.


This program is ideal for those managers and executives who wish to develop a strategic understanding of the evolving trends that are occurring today in the energy industry that could impact their organizations today and in the near future. The outcome is the opportunity for you to build and return home with a set of strategic objectives for your organization.


  • The learning format consists of a combination of lectures by experienced industry practitioners, case studies, discussion sessions, and team participation in practical assignments.
  • In Unit 1, teams will participate in workshop to develop a strategic plan for an international investor group that would like to enter the energy industry by investing in a portfolio of promising opportunities.
  • In Unit 2, teams of participants will participate in designing a low-carbon energy development plan for a country that is undergoing rapid population and economic growth.
  • The teams will be asked to present their respective recommendations on the last day of each Unit.


  • Y. Serdar Dogulu, PhD
  • David A. T. Donohue, PhD, JD
  • Gurcan Gulen, PhD
  • Robert Meyer, MA
  • Rick Squires, MS