Law, Accounting, Finance and Data Analytics for Oil and Gas Professionals - NEW!


October 11 - 15, 2021


A good manager or supervisor today must have a solid working knowledge of a broad range of management topics to make effective decisions. Three such topics are included in this course: law, accounting and finance. This offering will present the foundations of these key topics, in a practical manner, from the perspective of the petroleum industry. Upon its completion you will be able to read legal agreements and discuss financial statements in a whole new light and be able to apply them to project development or general corporate management. It is foundation course in our Essential Skills for the Oil & Gas Professionals Curriculum

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This course is designed for those mid- to senior level managers and supervisors from all sectors of the oil and gas industry who wish to enhance their practical knowledge and understanding of three fundamental management areas: law, accounting and finance, that strongly influence their understanding of business and inform their organizational decision making. These is a “must” program for those whose major areas of formal studies was technology or other specialty fields.


  • Skip Maryan, JD
  • David A.T. Donohue, PhD, JD
  • Bradford R. Donohue, MBA, CFA
  • Charles Brankman, PhD
  • Y. Serdar Dogulu, PhD
  • Michael Kraten, PhD, CPA