Essential Skills for Oil and Gas Professionals



Communicate Effectively and Influence Others

Setting a communication strategy: credibility, persuasion, and channel choice. Presentation structure: writing vs. presentations vs. meetings vs. one-to-one conversations; writing more effectively; making effective presentations; running efficient meetings; speaking effectively one-on-one. Case studies and workshop sessions.

Demonstrate Financial Acumen and Drive Performance

Financial statements measure the performance of the organization and a leader must have a solid understanding of them in order to make decisions that achieve the strategic and operational goals of the organization. Key topics include an introduction to the accounting process; four major financial reports: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and equity statement; how they impact each other, the major indices that are used to measure the performance of the company and the various financial decisions that impact performance of the organization. Session will include the analysis of an emerging company to show the impact of key decisions and the review of actual financial statements of energy companies.

Think Strategically

Major trends and drivers of change within the international oil and gas industry: anticipating the future throughout the oil and gas value chains. Latest approaches to strategic planning and its importance for setting company vision and goals; effective implementation of strategy; planning and implementation of the plan using the Balanced Scorecard. Historical structure of the international oil and gas industry. Examples of strategic planning by key international companies including Petrobras, Mobil Oil, and others.