Key Business Challenges Facing Today's Petroleum Leaders



This five-day program responds to the famous axiom that “The industry is constantly changing and if you do not keep up, you fall behind!” In these sessions, you and your peers will have an opportunity to discuss the key challenges facing the petroleum industry today with the objective of developing a set of strategies that you can recommend to your company upon completion of the program. We will begin with a review and discussion of global energy issues: supply, demand, pricing and potential sources of growth; and then turn to recent performance and strategic objectives of major and national oil companies and the Oil & Gas Industry 4.0. We will then focus on key challenges and opportunities along the oil and gas value chains – upstream, midstream, and downstream and finish the week with two key topics: recruitment and development of the next generation of employees and the reduction of greenhouse gases and the growth of renewable energy.


This program is ideal for those managers and executives who wish to develop a strategic understanding of the evolving trends that are occurring today in the energy industry that could impact their organizations in the near future. It is especially beneficial for those actively involved leaders who can take five days away from the office to gain a broader perspective of what is happening in the industry. Learning takes place through presentations, case study analyses and discussion with peers. The outcome is the opportunity for you to build and return home with a set of strategic objectives for your organization. This program should also be very attractive for those managers who have already attended an IHRDC value chain foundation program.


  • Christopher G. Davin, MS
  • Y. Serdar Dogulu, PhD
  • David A. T. Donohue, PhD, JD
  • Gurcan Gulen, PhD
  • Robert Meyer, MA
  • Kris Ramanadhan, PhD