Key Business Challenges Facing Today's Petroleum Leaders


October 14-18, 2019


This new program responds to the famous axiom that "The industry is constantly changing and if you do not keep up, you fall behind." In this course you and your peers will have an opportunity to discuss the key challenges facing the industry today with the objective of developing a set of strategies that you can recommend to your company upon completion of the program.

After assessing the trends in energy supply, demand, reserves and pricing, including China's goals; we will review the recent financials of leading companies to learn their "strategic stories"; then we will walk down the oil and gas value chain to highlight major trends in such key areas as: Host Country Agreements, Exploration, Unconventional Oil and Gas, LNG Market Growth and Pricing, Gas-to-Power Initiatives, Renewable Energy Trends and Challenges, Growth in the Midstream/Downstream Business, the Role of Regulation and Public Policy, Pipeline Safety Practices and Workforce Competency and the impact of the Digital Revolution in Learning. Think of it as your “strategic refreshment” opportunity – a chance to recommend changes to your company's strategic direction.

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