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The Managers Toolbox- Morale and Inspiration
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The Manager's Toolbox is a suite of online courses designed for the new manager. New managers face challenges every day that they have likely never encountered before. The Manager's Toolbox seeks to give the learner a head start on managing issues correctly and professionally with less stress and fewer negative organizational circumstances. The courses will offer learners an explanation of the managerial mindset that all managers and leaders must adopt to succeed. There are a number of managerial factors that are vital in managing and leading. Becoming a better manager or leader is directly connected to how well you can master them. The course contains detailed explanations, best practices, and key questions on 18 managerial and leadership factors including video advice from D. Quinn Mills, Albert J. Weatherhead, Jr. Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus at Harvard Business School. After careful consideration of the relevant and reference managerial and leadership factors, learners are given a series of video-based scenarios and asked to consider how they would handle the challenges presented for the most optimal results.
Duration: Course Code:
2 hours IHRDC_BEES_777
  • Controlling expenses
  • Creating a positive environment
  • Dealing with direct reports
  • Dealing with superiors
  • Handling adversity or crisis situations
  • Leading change
  • Leading others
  • Organizing work for others
  • Recruiting, training, and developing employees
  • Setting an example
  • Solving problems
  • Vision
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Price: US$125.00

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